Birds and Animals

Entrance: Sanctuary timing- Open sunrise to sunset

Indian national- 65 INR Foreign national- 350 INR Vehicle entry fees- 230 INR

Birds of Tal chhapar:

  1. Laggar Falcon– The iconic resident raptor of Tal chhapar. They provide some of the most interesting activity to bird photographers. One can click them perched, in flight, bathing, with kill and fighting.
  • 2. Tawny eagle: The mighty resident reins the gaushala area and breeds here. Provides some of best pictures and sighting.
  • 3. Indian Spotted creeper: one of the most sought after and elusive bird. Most birds watchers main target species to visit Tal chhapar. The call of the bird is as interesting as it’s activity and display.
  • 4. Red necked Falcon: The size doesn’t matter. Fast and furious killer, this is one of the most elusive raptors of Tal chhapar. Though it never disappoint and appears with a kill most times.
  • 5. Montague’s Harrier: The super glider puts a great activity show specially when juveniles come post monsoon. They can be seen all above the grassland gliding to catch the locusts and grasshoppers as their favourite food.
  • 6. Pallid Harrier: While the juveniles come post monsoon, the pallid adult male reins the sanctuary during winter and puts a great show following larks as main target to kill. It gives some superb sighting and action photographs.

Animals of Tal Chhapar:

  • 1. Blackbuck: The sanctuary is primarily a conversation area for these beautiful and delicate guys. The males look more interesting with horns and contrasting colour. They provide great views and photograph with grassland at sunrise and sunset.
  • 2. Desert fox: The desert fox family gives good opportunity to wildlife lovers. They are quite elusive though can be quite easily spotted during breeding season and in summers.