Safari and Activities

Bird safari:

To organize safari, we have a gypsy open from top and covered from sides with windows to make it as a hide. It’s important to have sides covered to approach birds instead of having a fully open vehicle. The aim to to get closer to birds without disturbing.

Guests click from gypsy

Camel ride:

Apart from bird watching and photography safari, we can also organise camel safari in dunes around sanctuary. This can be an add on activity for family travel.

Tonga ride:

Tonga ride can be organised to take a round in sanctuary or town.

Cooking classes:

One can learn to cook local Rajasthani dishes and delicacy during stay. The most popular being red chilli kachari chutney with bajare ki roti topped with homemade ghee, besan gatta curry and bajare ka khichara.