About us

We are a family with enthusiasm to meet new people, share our culture, food habits and life style.

The seniors of family, my parents, are fond of gardening, growing vegetables at home garden and eager to meet new people, tell them about local life, share their food habits, serve local food and their local knowledge about culture. They also compete with photographers coming to stay, telling the IDs of birds in the area in their local names:)


I (BL Gurjar- Atul) had been working in Delhi for almost 10 years after MBA in tourism and started my own travel company in 2015.  My inclination for staying at hometown and developing some professional tourism venture inculcated idea of setting up this place. The continuous suggestions from bird photographer friends as well as online friends motivated me to add two extra rooms in summers of 2016 to our rooftop to facilitate the bird photgraphers coming to Tal chhapar and Jorbeed. Later on the idea to set up raptors inn opposite sanctuary gate grown and we started operations in 2018.

I organize and accompany on safari with most of guests during stay. The aim always is to spott the bird species and get perfect pictures of target species in limited time our guests have during the trip.

Breakfast during safari

My wife (Sunita) is masters in Social work and after working in Delhi for some NGOs took a call with me to stay in hometown for a peaceful and healthy life than in Delhi.

Kavya, my little daughter, is the chirping bird of the house. She is always inquisitive to observe the visitors and mingle with them easily.

Prayan (called Preet at home) is my son, naughty, super active and roaming around all the time.

We all are here to welcome you as our esteemed guests during your visit to Tal chhapar sanctuary:

-If you are a foodie and enthusiastic to learn and taste local food.

-If you plan to come with your family wherein you can go for birding safari and family can stay with us.

– If you want a peaceful stay, caring environment and home cooked food, it’s for you.

-If you respect the local culture, family environment and hosts as friends.

– If you are looking for a value for money option while visiting the Sanctuary at Tal Chhapar